Discrete luxury design

The opening of Plaza 18 follows a two-year period of restoration by award-winning interior architect and designer Nicky Dobree. For the interiors, Nicky took inspiration from the iconic building itself which dates back to 1896 and stands on the foundations of an ancient 13th century Arab house, “We have brought new life back into this Gran Señora by respecting its history and embracing a new chapter for the modern traveller,” said Dobree.

Using local craftsmen and organic building materials such as lime-based mortars, wooden floors, natural stone and marble, she was determined to preserve the spirit of the building. The original black and white floor tiles were therefore lifted and re-laid on newly levelled floors.

The Montera (large glazed roof lantern over the patio) was carefully dismantled and repaired to its former glory. And the stone staircase and balustrade were painstakingly restored.

Nicky Dobree is synonymous with bespoke interiors across Europe and this, her first boutique hotel design, is no exception. Whilst the detail adheres to the classical principles of the property, there is comfort and elegance throughout. The interiors are intensely layered and so inviting that guests can expect visual delight at every turn. Each of the six individual bedroom suites has a story to tell, having been personally curated with pieces from around the world.

With a home-from-home vibe, Dobree’s collective chic brings a timeless elegance throughout. Guests will leave feeling that Plaza 18 was the secret second home that they have always wanted.